Almost all the artifacts that we value as a society were made by or at the order of men. But behind every one is an invisible infrastructure of labor — primarily care-giving, in its various aspects — that is mostly performed by women.

—Debbie Chachra

Deconstructing societal norms regarding labor’s worth has been instrumental in shaping my work. I create installations, drawings, and sculpture that questions our existing infrastructure that insinuates debased gender and labor stereotypes. Through process, pattern, repetition, and grids my work functions as a political and ontological collection of personal experience navigating this terrain.

My work is informed by history, culture, the passage of time, and the poetry of daily life. Material choices run a breadth from collected artifacts to mass-produced goods all associated with familial dwellings. These materials transcend their perceived function through placement and application. Seemingly frivolous materials are often intentionally positioned for intimate, careful consideration.

As a woman making work in the context of third wave feminism, I intentionally place my work between craft and art. Organized in series, the work is sensual, subtle, and political in any combination.