I create installations, drawings, and sculptures that challenge our societal framework which supports and sustains an unjust bias towards women. Specifically, I note the subjective devaluing of gendered labor, or women’s work, which provides the infrastructure to our culture that is overlooked and undervalued. This labor forms the foundation upon which society advances.

Through process, pattern, and repetition I investigate this arena using mass-produced goods traditionally associated with adornment or craft. Just as the labor performed by women is disregarded and underrated, so are my material choices. Informed by history, culture, the passage of time, and the poetry of daily life, the materials run a breadth from collected artifacts to mass-produced goods all associated with familial dwellings. These seemingly frivolous materials are intentionally massed and positioned for careful consideration.

I use the grid for its implied perfection and logic, which contrasts with the imperfection of my slow, deliberate, rhythmic processes. The results of my labor-intensive stitching, pinning, and painting disrupt and mend falsely constructed labels and value assumptions. I reference our broken societal framework to create work that evolves, gathers, and sets an egalitarian course.